Pay-Jet Cockpit

Full control, full convenience, zero effort.

Gone are the days when when backoffice tasks involved working across different systems. Manage everything in one place and get the most out of your transaction data with the Pay-Jet Cockpit, our smart reporting tool for merchants - it’s coming soon!

Benefits of the Pay-Jet Cockpit

One tool for all your data

The Pay-Jet Cockpit is the place where you can view transaction data, invoices and reportings at a glance.

Efficiency that values your time

Speed up your accounting processes with the intuitive interface and smart features of the Pay-Jet Cockpit.

Optimized processes

Get used to frictionless, productive back office activities. Filter data, download invoices and export reports the smooth way.

Pay-Jet Cockpit

Hello analytics

Knowledge is power, they say. With the Pay-Jet Cockpit, all your  power is with you:

Manage transaction data from anywhere.

Export reports and invoices on-the-go.

Make informed decisions about your sales strategy.

Data analytics

Elevate your business.

Be one step ahead when it comes to tracking sales activity, terminal status and data insights. The Pay-Jet Cockpit offers you a transparent overview of all relevant information at any given time. Planning and decision-making as effective as it gets.

How the Pay-Jet Cockpit boosts your business

Accounting workshops

In a hands-on training session we bring your team up-to-speed with the accounting features of the Pay-Jet Cockpit.

Receipt management

Forget about printed receipts. From now on, you can organize and manage them digitally and effortlessly.

Customised reports

Do you wish to receive a specific kind of single or recurring report of your transaction data? We'll make it happen.

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