Sell in person

Offer your customers a fast, smooth and personal checkout.

Accept digital payments in person with our point-of-sale solutions. From cards to mobile wallets, create a seamless experience that will delight your customers.

Benefits for your business: Pay-Jet card reader solutions

Boost customer conversion

Today, cashless payment is so much more than a card reader at a counter. Offering your customers a mix of payment methods is crucial for staying competitive and an efficient way of increasing in-store conversions.

Simplify your backoffice

Keep track of transaction data and sales activities of terminals wherever you are,  and free up time for other business matters.

Quick setup, quick solutions

At Pay-Jet, we make it a priority to provide personal customer service. From terminal setup to maintenance, our crew is always at your service.


Stationary solutions for flexible businesses.

Whether you’re running a grocery store or a coffeeshop, offering  cashless payment options is a must for long-term growth. We help you digitalise your payment processes with our modern point-of-sale solutions.

Smart POS

All-in-one, done!

Our smart point-of-sale terminals combine cashier system, printer and card reader in one device, providing convenience and cost efficiency in everyday business. The modern, easy-to-use POS solution.

QR code payment

More than just a terminal.

Take your POS setup to the next level by offering your customers QR code payment and self-checkout services. Seamless, secure and state-of-the-art.

What we offer

How can we support you?

From hospitality to retail to mobility, we love offering our payment services to businesses from all sectors.

Our service promise

Wide range of payment methods

Card reader portfolio

POS integrations

Omnichannel monitoring

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