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The sky’s the limit.
We guide you through it.

Tap into a whole new world of opportunities by growing your business online. Select the right payment setup from over 350 shop integrations and boost customer conversion in a breeze.

How selling online benefits your business

Boost customer conversion

Meet people exactly where they are: online.  By offering a fast and seamless shopping experience, you will grow your customer base effortlessly.


Set your business up for success in the digital age. Our state-of-the-art e-commerce solutions help you remain competitive in the long run.

Seamless across channels

From integration and setup to the go-live: We are by your side and navigate you to the perfect omnichannel solution.


We make shop integrations easy for you.

Building an e-commerce business is complex enough. We are here to take care of the payment part for you. Whether you’re selling fashion, wine or handmade furniture, we’ve got your back: Pay-Jet supports all major e-commerce payment methods.

Mobile payments

Get paid in your app or on-the-go.

Looking for a way to accept payments in your app? We’ve got you covered. Our payment links and app-integrations allow you to process transactions whenever, wherever. No strings attached and no coding skills needed, we promise.

Shop plugins

Streamline and simplify online sales.

We help you elevate your online business by integrating omnichannel solutions into your hosted webshop. How? With shop plugins that make payment management straightforward and easy to navigate. Sit back and relax:  maintenance is on us.

What we offer

Innovate your business.

Offer your customers an online payment experience they
will love. Fast, secure, and seamless.

Our service promise

E-commerce solutions

Fraud prevention

Shop plugins

Payment links

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